My Medieval Charries

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Re: My Medieval Charries

Post  WarHorse on Sun Sep 30, 2012 4:42 am


The greatest charmer to ever walk the kingdom, Samirio would describe himself with a sly wink and a dreamy smile. There's not much he can't get out of people when he wants it, and he wants quite often, for a lot of things. All it takes is a few sweet words and that gorgeous, slow smile of his. Easy. Of course, it also helps that he's dreadfully attractive, with long black hair tied back, a sweeping fringe, rich, dark brown eyes flecked with gold, and tanned skin, not to mention his incredibly muscular build. In his mid-twenties, he's certainly a looker; anyone would give him that. Unfortunately his outer beauty is without any trace of inner. Samirio is manipulative and cunning, very sly, and is always determined to get his own way; usually, he does. He is greedy, too, and terribly self-adoring. Altogether a nuisance to be around once you figure out his type, Samirio is a tricky, slippery sort, with an awful stubborn streak and a habit for being unpredictable. But, we're forgetting the best part: Samirio is an assassin, and one of the best, thanks to his sly ways. His main abodes are the city's various brothels, and he is in close cahoots with all the brothel owners; it is for them he usually works. Needless to say, he often gets more than money for his work, and has a potent taste for pleasure, if you catch my meaning. After all, he is a charmer, and a bit of a sleaze. Best to keep an eye on him.

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