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Outcast's Medieval Characters

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Name: Meranda Ravenwood.
Age: 26 years old.
Race: [human] Witch.
DOB: March 1st.
Gender: Female
Description: Dirty blonde, curly hair that falls down her back. Most of the time it is in a braid, or half of it is, anyways. She is rather small in stature, only reaching five-and-a-half feet tall. She looks healthy, her slight frame in proportion to her size. here eyes are the same color the sky takes on when storm clouds come and go.

Personality: Straight-forward, and grounded, Meranda is the 53rd generation daughter of a family tree full of witches. She takes pride in this and does as her mother taught her. That doesn't mean, of course that she's sometimes deviated from the realms of the benign. She has attempted to use magic for selfish reasons before and while the punishment for such has yet to catch up to her, she is still an oily character and she is someone you'd be a fool to trust. However, to those that know her well enough to call her a friend, she always comes through with something good- she may not be trustworthy, but she's dependable in a pinch.

History: Meranda was born some time ago to a young woman who was left alone by a knight after his duty to the crown by protecting her village from raiders was finished. Her mother had forced the man to remain quiet about her powers by casting a spell on him. He was forced to quack loudly whenever he tried to say the words "Witch" or "Magic" his whole life and was forever after thought of as a laughing stock. Meranda never actually met her father, that knight never came back. She grew up as her mother's apprentice, learning the herbs and potions, and how to weave simple spells. She was pretty good at it too.

Meranda was 14 when her mother passed away. Without realizing what the world was really like [Meranda had been sheltered from cruelty her whole life] she was seen by a few of he young men in town and they immediately saw her while she was gardening. At first, there was nothing wrong, but as Meranda never made an effort to go to the Sunday mass, she was called all kinds of things, ridiculed, mocked. She had things thrown at her, and some of the younger children of the village wouldn't go anywhere near her.

It was a shame, really- she grew to be a little bit shrewd from those experiences. Experiences that happened in the prime of her youth- when she would have been trying to find a husband who had money. Her youth came and went without any sort of change. Indeed- they got worse. When she was 19, a group of young men attacked her house, burned down her barn, and kept her as a sex slave for many years. When she finally managed to escape, she cast her first bit of dark magic- drawing the runes in her own blood on the stone floor, she cast a spell that would kill all of her captors. That night was a night full of demons, blood... murder.

She escaped the hut they'd kept her in and rebuilt her house in a remote location in the woods. She found wild-grown herbs and collected seeds to replant a garden. She proceeded to rebuild her life from nothing in secrecy. Now, the only ones who know where she lives are nonhuman beasts. Assassins who come for poison, and maybe the occasional young maid wanting to have her future divined. With money she earned from her services given to passers-by, she was able to build a barn, buy a cow, and a horse and the appropriate equipment to keep both.

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